Stringed Instrument Greeting Cards

Stringed Instrument Greeting Cards


I love the shape of musical instruments.  There’s something about the scroll of the fiddle, mandolin or stand up bass  that instantly captures my imagination.  I can get lost in the fine wood grains, the curvature of lines and incredible fine detail that goes into these marvelous creations. 

The idea for creating musical instrument greeting cards came after studying the old Lloyd Loar’s Early mandolin models from the 1920’s.  After completing a drawing of Bill Monroe's mandolin from 1929 thought “I’d really love to carve that!”  Then my idea expanded, “I’d really love to carve a whole ensemble of instruments!”.  Within two weeks I had carved 6 instruments with more coming! 

What really excites me about this project is that I get to combine my love of playing music, owning these lovely instruments and printmaking all into one project.

Cards measure 4”x6”

Envelope included

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