Looking Forward

I was walking through the west end of Portland the other day and the blues came over me. I was thinking about all the things that have changed in this ‘little city that could’. Peering into the empty space of “Local Sprouts Cafe” left me with a deep sense of melancholy. It was a favorite local restaurant that became my second home, or office and or dining room or place to play music for many years. It’s emptiness represents all that has changed in this city, for better or for worse.

I went back to the office and immediately recorded this tune. My hope is to take those friends and joys and spaces long past and carry them into new experiences. With that in mind I named this tune “Looking Forward”.

I spent a few hours on the Eastern Promenade on a beautifully sunny day with my Nikon SLR on it’s tripod. I got a chance to practice a Bill Monroe tune on my mandolin as the camera clicked away. Lately I’ve been interested in merging mediums together and seeing what happens. I’m quite please with how this little video and tune came out. Hope you enjoy!