"In Remembrance", a tune

“In Remembrance”

This tune came to me while walking down Congress Street the other day. This tune is a reflection of the loss of loved ones passing that people all around me are feeling, including myself. Keeping the memories alive is a sweet agony.

Usually these sort of things come and go leaving no mark that they were ever there. This one stuck. I woke up the next morning whistling it as clear as day and jotted it down first thing, and recorded it on my phone later on in the day with guitar and mandolin. The video is a time-lapse I took in the summer of 2018 up at Frost Pond camp grounds, near Baxter State Park way up north in Maine.

I think of my dad in my creative process. I feel him over my shoulder through each step, and I can hear him laugh and cracking jokes throughout.

I dedicate this to all you suffering a loss of a friend, or pet or loved one. May the ones you love and lost be always in your heart.

In Remembrance Score JPG.jpg