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Bluest Ocean, Deepest Sea

Bluest Ocean, Deepest Sea

Here’s a new song that my wife Joey help me write.  We’ve been inspired by all the murder ballads we’ve been listening to lately.  A perfect addition to your Halloween!

Hope you enjoy! 



I’ve been a ramblin’ man

About most of my life

Thought I’d never settle down

Thought I’d never take a wife

Till I met Susie

That all changed for me

Her eyes the bluest ocean

And the deepest seas


We went down to the boardwalk

And I plied her with wine

I told her that I loved her

My hearts yours, will you be mine

She says Willy I’m sorry

I love a sailor, not thee

He sails the bluest ocean

On the deepest sea


I threw Susie down

Against the cold hard sand

Oh Willy please don’t hurt me

I held her throat with my hand

I held her and held her

Till her light did leave

Into eternal blue oceans

And deepest sleep

“Rubber on Road”

“Rubber on Road”

“Right By My Side” song by Matt Baker

“Right By My Side” song by Matt Baker