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“Worn Out Shoes”

“Worn Out Shoes”

This song is about that benevolent force that some call “God”, others “the universe” or “higher power” that has pulled me out of and continues to pull me out of jams I find get myself in.  I am so grateful I have this force in my life.

I wrote this with the help of my good friend and talented country singer Michael Preston when he was living on Sherman Street in Portland.  



Running around in my ole worn out shoes

With nothing to show

Just holes in my soles

Suffering the hurt I put myself through

I’m blaming others

And the good lord too

If I could just get out of my way

Listen to what all my brothers might say

I’d pick up something I could use

To loose my blues

But I don’t want to change

Or have to re-arrange

I don’t like other people telling me what to do

Then something welts up from inside

A feeling I can’t hide

I give it all to you

And everything moves

Take this burden away from me

I’ll be a vessel for you love

I’ll be free

I can walk down that long dark valley

And never have to be alone

When I’m with you Lord I feel your grace

Without you I’m so out of place

Let your light shine upon my face

And I’ll never be alone

No I’ll never be alone

I will never be alone

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“Rubber on Road”

“Rubber on Road”