Scenes from Portland, Maine

I’ve lived in Portland Maine now for about 10 years. I love my city even through all it’s growth spurts. I draw much of my inspiration from this beautiful sea side town.

Portland Headlight 1.jpg

Portland Head Light

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A trip to Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth Maine is one of my favorite things to do. My wife and I usually stop by the local bakery, grab some coffee and a pastry and walk some of the trails around the lighthouse. It's a must see if you're visiting the Portland Maine area!

Park Street 4.jpg

Portland Row Houses

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The Park Street Row Houses are quite a sight to see if you find yourself near the Victorian Mansion in Portland, Maine's West End. The row houses were built in the mid 1800's and always put a smile on my face whenever I walk by.

Waterfront 1.jpg

Portland Waterfront

The Old Port of Portland Maine is a bustling place. It's incredible to think that behind all the shops, restaurants and bars there's an active, working waterfront where folks still get up early, load their gear onto their boats and steam out to earn their living. This image was taken from behind Harbor Fish Market from the Portland Pier and really captures the working waterfront.